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Latex Ectacy

Welcome to the Rubber Room; a complete immersion into a full, heavy-rubber experience.  

After a long day I just want to decompress and let my mind and body relax, so I walk into my rubbery sanctuary where the smell of deliciously conditioned latex immediately overwhelms my senses. The thick, polymorphe rubber curtains cover the walls and windows, and allow just enough light to display the exceptional marbleized patterns. 

  I remove my robe and slip into my tight transparent catsuit.  I sit back on the large bed and feel the coolness of the heavy rubber sheets through my suit as I pull on a pair of thigh-high rubber heeled boots. While looking into the large mirror across from me, I put on a perfectly fitted hood and gloves; I can feel the transformation beginning. Luckily a friend of mine wants to join me this evening, so I have the pleasure of dressing her as well. She puts on a full black suit along with a red and black hood and corset. We love looking in the mirror as we lube each other up thoroughly and admire the beauty of the latex and how if accentuates so many features.  

I lie across the rubber bed and rest my head on the latex pillows, enjoying how effortlessly I glide across the rubber. As I pull myself into the heavy rubber body bag and get zipped in, the outside world is disappearing more and more, while my inner-self is awakening.  I can feel my body heating up and I’m getting wet inside all the layers. My rubbery friend teases me and rubs ice all over my latex clad body.  I feel the cold disperse across my latex and the coolness penetrate to my skin. It’s extremely erotic and refreshing as the heat from my body intermingles with wet coldness.  

I want to go even deeper now, so I put on a gasmask and then a rebreather. All my senses are completely heightened; I can only see, smell, feel and think of rubber. I try to slow and control my breathing while being stimulated. I can hear my breathing and I finally reach a very meditative and peaceful state, while also being in a perpetual state of arousal.  It is perfect bliss. 

Time seems to disappear, but when I finally emerge from this heavy rubber ecstasy, we go into the large glass shower and peel off our layers of latex. I love the sensation of the water dripping off my rubber and onto my lubed skin, and enjoy feeling her wet body through my latex gloves.  I now feel totally fulfilled and invigorated, ready to go back into the world but always looking forward to the next time I disappear into my rubber world.

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