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A Wonderland  of Kink

Welcome to the world of latex: A wonderland of kink, sensuality, style and never ending depths of self-exploration.  So, where do I begin explaining this fetish?  Well, let’s start with why does one love rubber; what is the fetish all about?  This can obviously vary from person to person, but the main points are constant:  The feel, the shine, the smell, and in one way or another, rubber transforms us into the alter ego we wish to become.

So, let’s start with the basics before I get all worked up: Quality, quality, quality.  It is a great idea to buy from a reputable company because the integrity of the latex is so important. There is nothing worse than being all dolled up at a fabulous event or during a hot play scene and having your outfit bust. Wearing cheap or poorly made rubber just robs you of the full latex experience and a quality garment will have triple the lifespan.  Latex looks great and feels even better when it fits right and snugs the body properly, so make sure you have your basic measurements on hand when shopping.

If you are just beginning on your latex collection, I suggest starting with the basic colors and pieces so you can mix and expand on them.  I love a unique, bright rubber garment as much as the next lady, but if that is all you own, it can get boring and played out quickly.  Establish your wardrobe with the fundamentals:  black skirt, bra, leggings, and of course, a quality corset. You can add tops and bottoms as you go in different colors to add variety to your look.  A catsuit and hood is a must when you are ready to go beyond the club and into the bedroom.  That topic deserves its own article for a future date.

So time to get dressed, the fun part! Latex is a sensitive material and needs to be treated with special care. Always remove jewelry, be mindful of nails and sharp objects, and avoid perfume. You can use a silicone spray made for latex to polish and build the shine of your garment. Cover yourself and the rubber in a good, non-oil-based lubricant like Pjour cult and slip on in. The latex will adjust to your body and become a second skin. One amazing aspect of latex is the sensory appeal. The feeling of lubed rubber slipping across lubed rubber is euphoric.  Water and ice play can be quite enjoyable as the cold disperses across and through the latex. Water runs off

Cleaning your rubber is important to increase the life of the garments.  Always wash your rubber when you are done wearing it. For me, the best way is in the shower so you can enjoy the sensation as you slip it off and the feeling of the water sliding off the latex.  For cleaning, I prefer using a small amount of gentle detergent in a tub of lukewarm water to dissolve the body oils that can deteriorate the latex over time. It is also important to dry it completely; some cities have heavy metals in the water, and if left on light color latex, can discolor it. A hard lesson I learned while in NYC.  After, store your rubber in a cool, dark place and avoid different colors from touching. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy your journey into latex and will embrace all the aspects of it.  Always keep an open mind and allow yourself to explore without judgment or preconceived notions. Something you never thought you would like might be the one thing that turns you on the most. From off the runway fashions, to heavy rubber play, there is definitely space for everyone.

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