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It is the final step to losing oneself in rubber only to find the kinky hidden identity deep within. Breaking the link to this world and diving into a whole new uncharted realm to explore inner depths, desires, and alter egos.  


The hood gives a sense of anonymity that allows for more freedom in sexuality and a detachment from ones normal identity and how the world perceives you. People by nature use facial cues and expressions to communicate and to define themselves and others. By removing these cues there is a certain disengagement created with those around you and a stronger sense of one’s inner self emerges. Especially at events where people can seem to pull you from many directions, the hood is the ultimate energy containment and barrier.  


Latex hoods are so beautiful when they fit just right and magnificently enhance the eyes and mouth, which becomes the main channel for communication along with body language and movements. I find once I put a hood on my whole posture, movements and even speech pattern change. A complete shift into a rubber alter-ego! Everything I say and how I move is much more calculated and deliberate, a mix between sensual and alpha predator energy; both very intense. Everyone is different so one may find a soft or submissive side, others more feminine or masculine energy and 

others detach from the human aspect altogether to become a rubber doll or object.  Hoods can allow for a full expression of play- what you project and what’s projected on you. 


Personally, once my hood goes on my senses are immediately overtaken by the strong, delicious rubber smell, smooth texture, beautiful shine and comfortable tightness. I’m taken in to a rubber realm and altered space that can create very calming, stimulating, dominant and intense experiences. So as in everyone experiences things different, the one constant is that those who wear hoods really are passionate about latex. Yes it is very sexy and beautiful when done right but it is far from a fashion statement..

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