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Latex Style Guide

Sexual, erotic, and stylish are some things that come to mind when thinking of latex outfits, but what about liberating and playful? Yes, we know latex is very fun to play in, but I’m speaking about beyond the bedroom and dungeon. Dressing up, living ones fantasies, and even role playing is the essence of fetishism for many rubberist. It is taking self- expression to the extreme and a step beyond fashion, into the realm of new alter-egos.  I understand this world well because I became a giant pink polka-dotted mouse and loved every moment of it!


Now there have always been the occasional ponies, cats, naughty school girls, wicked priests, (and one of my favorites) the naughty nun to appear at an event, but lately I have seen much more elaborate outfits emerging that really are the epitome of true self-expression. There are alien looking cyber creatures, giant blow-up insects, and of course a plethora of animals from this world and others just to name a few examples. 


Last year at the FF pool party I was dressed up as one of three big pink polka-dotted mice by Polymorphe to tease everyone’s favorite perv with a camera, Fucking Gerry.  Now this outfit was not something I would have chosen since I always felt more connected with the feline energy; and have even been known to dress up as a giant leopard on occasion, but after putting this mouse outfit on I transformed immediately.  I felt very mischievous, playful and free-spirited. I proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon going up and down the hallways of the hotel exploring and going from room to room meeting people, feeling the different dynamics, and causing chaos. I felt so unrestricted and untethered to anyone or anything. I was amazed how just dressing up allowed this mouse-like personality to come out that I never even knew existed.  


Every person has a character they are portraying in one way or another, whether they realize it or not. I have talked to many people about their experiences, and it’s obviously different from person to person, but I do see the similarity in individuals wanting to truly express themselves and to have fun. Transforming into a rubbery alter-ego allows for a new way of viewing the world, and being viewed by the world. It can be liberating, erotic, and exciting. It may not be for everyone, but for those who do; rock on and thank you for making the parties and the world a much more interesting place. 

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